We are currently developing our own original content. Our new division, Humanity Strong Productions, will produce social action series. The series will be about international current issues, campaigns addressing them and solutions. We do not only witness the situations with our cameras; we get involved. We team up with advocacy organizations to find solutions and we campaign for lasting changes. The series are a means to finding a solution, while the advocacy campaigns enable the films.

Series #1: Humanity Strong Refugees

In June 2012, Zaatari didn’t exist. Two years later, it is the fourth biggest city in Jordan, with more than 150,000 people. It is the proof of humanity’s failure in the 21st century: we cannot stop wars and genocides. But this refugee camp is also the proof of our resilience: we built a city in the middle of the desert within a few weeks. All international humanitarian organizations are working together tirelessly to provide assistance. But is the international community doing enough? Too many borders remain closed to Syrian refugees. United States and Canada have taken only a few refugees. Europe is a fortress. Nobody gets in. Syrian refugees die in the Mediterranean Sea, now called the Sea of Shame. There are no official stats available about Syrian refugees in Russia, not even from the UN. We need to understand. We will talk to NGO specialists and political leaders. We have questions and we will find answers.

TRAILER: June 20 2014 (World Refugee Day)
RELEASE: Winter 2015


Humanity Strong Refugees Trailer