“There are over 1,300 NGOs registered at the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI). The United Nations has 15 agencies, 11 global programs, 4 institutes and 6 other entities. It is sometimes difficult to see the big global picture. I wanted to create a simple tool to understand who is doing what. I also wanted to unify forces to increase their reach. I wanted to set up a one-stop news shop for these organizations and mostly for their supporters.”

– Patrick Bonneville, founder of Humanity Strong



Humanity Strong is a daily human-edited news-aggregation website focusing on NGOs and UN agencies. It is an independent one-stop news shop covering human rights, nature conservation and humanitarian aid. We bring together leading international organizations, private foundations and a few selected corporations. Founded by French-Canadian publisher and TIME consultant Patrick Bonneville, Humanity Strong is a new unifying media tool that has for its primary mission to increase the number of supporters and members for participating NGOs and UN agencies by reaching complementary audiences.

Humanity Strong creates synergy amongst members’ networks. Most organizations have good distribution networks but by working together, they could reach new audiences with their messages and campaigns. Statistically, NGOs and UN agencies reach a combined total of over 100 million individuals worldwide. Humanity Strong works to unify these networks in one single place.

As supporters, we have the opportunity to give more power to those organizations. They need to know we support their work. How? Simply by “following” them, by “liking” them, by subscribing to their newsletters. Together, we are Humanity Strong.



Help NGO and UN supporters to stay informed with a list of headlines from the most trusted international organizations, displayed on a simple website homepage.

Increase the number of supporters and members for participating NGOs and UN bodies by cross-pollinating their supporter bases. People who like UNICEF are likely to support Amnesty International. People who like Greenpeace are likely to support Human Rights Watch. We can lend our support to more than one or two organizations. That is what makes us all Humanity Strong.